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The team at is dedicated to answering all of your questions with regard to life insurance. We are a no-hassle online quote service combining professional expertise and the best rates from top rated life insurers nationwide. Don't waster your time submitting your personal information to our competitors, we do all the heavy lifting so you can make a wise, informed decision for you and your loved ones.

2 Types of Policies

Before you compare term life insurance quotes online and get hassled by countless people you don't know you will first want to consider what type of coverage that you need in a policy. The following are our most popular options that we offer - no medical exam or fully underwritten:

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Acquiring a life insurance policy often involves a detailed medical exam, and this, sometimes, deters individuals from attempting to buy life insurance. One life insurance option we offer significantly simplifies the process and eliminates some of the stress involved in acquiring life insurance is our simplified issue term life insurance policies, or policies for which you do not need to undergo a medical exam. Purchasing a simplified issue term life insurance policy also decreases the amount of medical red tape you have to go through in order to take out a policy. Instant issued coverage provides solutions and options to individuals who might have a history of medical problems or who simply don't wish to go through a medical exam.

Fully Underwritten Term Life Insurance

Fully underwritten term life insurance policies generally require you to submit a blood test and answer more questions about your health history. The shortest term during which you can take out a level term life insurance policy is generally 10 years. A level term life insurance policy guarantees your beneficiaries a cash payout if you die within the year. The death benefit amount is agreed upon when the policy starts, and although premiums are lower than they would be in a whole life insurance policy, there are no benefits paid back if the policy owner does not die before the policy's term is completed. A level term life insurance policy is much like an annual renewable policy, except that it is generally longer term-10, 20, or 30 years for example-and guarantees fixed premium amounts throughout the policy's life or for a number of years that is decided upon before the policy goes into effect.

Carefully consider all of these options - and any quotes on policies that you have been offered by life insurance providers before committing yourself to a life insurance policy. The decision between "whole life" and "term life" should be fairly simple depending on your wants, needs and financial situation, but the particulars of which insurer you decide upon and which particular policy is best for you can be tough questions which is why we offer our experience to you for free - call us day or night.

The Necessity of Life Insurance

There are some financial decisions in life that can have a significant impact on the future of both you and your family. Although it can be cumbersome and tedious to weed through the intricate details of your options when making such a decision, the more research you put into the subject, the more likely it will be that you will avoid financial nightmares in the coming years and that your family will carry on and flourish while enjoying financial prosperity.

Life insurance is a necessity for any individual who is the primary income provider in a household that includes one or more dependents. Regardless of how healthy or young you are, you should always keep in mind your mortality when considering the well being of those who depend on you. While important, life insurance is by no means a simple product to understand. When you make the decision on which policy to purchase, you should be sure that you have thoroughly explored two vital topics: the different types of life insurance available (whole, universal, term, etc.), and the various policies offered by the life insurance providers doing business in your area. At, we provide information pertinent to both of these topics, and we offer a valuable and helpful resource to those who are currently in the market for the perfect life insurance policy for their circumstances.

The first step towards finding the right life insurance for you is to understand the difference between "term life" and "whole life" policies. When you purchase life insurance, you should decide whether you want to take out one policy that will last the rest of your life, or take out a temporary insurance policy that will last a certain length of time.

As the name implies, “whole life” policies are permanent investments- usually called “whole” life insurance-and their value grows over time depending on the growth of the overall market but will cost SIGNIFICANTLY more than "term life" If you do not want your life insurance policy to be a life-long investment, but rather a temporary assurance that your family will be provided for in the event of your untimely death, you can take out a term life insurance policy.

Ask yourself the following question when deciding which type of insurance policy to go with: Are you more interested in the investment aspect of life insurance, or the “safety net” aspect of life insurance? A permanent life insurance policy is best for you if you have the financial ability to afford these types of coverage, wish to invest through your policy and if you want to be sure that every penny you devote to your insurance policy will provide benefits to you and your family. But, if cost is important and you don't want to break the bank or are concerned for the financial welfare of your dependent spouse and/or children while you are their sole provider, term life insurance will often meet your needs.

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