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Alameda Life Insurance Quotes

Alameda life insurance quotes are based off of a number of factors for California residents. Among the factors are your age and current health status. Depending on the Alameda company, you might be asked for your weight to help determine your rate class. A person's weight is a sensitive issue, but it can help the company forecast your longevity, and ultimately help you retain the most appropriate policy for your needs. It is important to be honest about all health information in order to avoid the cancellation of your policy.

CA Health Status

Your current weight is one of the many factors used by CA life insurance companies to determine your rate class. A rate class protects the company against insurance fraud, and it helps you retain your policy. Other health information, such as your medical history and tobacco use status is used to determine your rate as well.

Obesity is prevalent in the United States, so this is why many life companies request your current weight. If you foresee your weight changing for health reasons, you may tell the company, but this might not affect your overall California life coverage rate. Your weight based on your age, gender and height is very telling in terms of your life expectancy. Other items in your application will also likely be considered.

Types of Life Quotes

There are three types of policies you can obtain through Alameda life insurance quotes. Included are term, whole and universal policies. Certain types of coverage offer more options in terms of retirement savings as well as potential cash value. The more items you have associated with your policy, the more expensive it will cost, regardless of what your health history might be.

Alameda term life insurance quotes are the only types of short-term policies available in California. Also called temporary insurance, these types of policies have expiration dates tied to them, which you determine before you sign up for the coverage. Generally, most companies offer term coverage for 10, 20 or 30 years at a time. Once the policy expires, you will have to sign up for different Alameda life insurance quotes in order to maintain coverage.

Term life quotes are usually the easiest types of Alameda quotes to get approved for, even if you have less than perfect health. This is due to the fact that the coverage is temporary and the rates are fixed. If you are considered overweight, the company will still likely offer you coverage at a slightly higher rate. This type of coverage offers exclusively the death benefit.

Other types of Alameda life insurance quotes offer savings and cash value as a perk to holding long-term coverage. Whole and universal quotes both fall under this category. If you have an extensive health history, universal and whole life quotes online might be the most difficult to obtain because they offer the most cash value, and they both last for your lifetime.

Alameda whole life insurance quotes have fixed rates, just as temporary insurance policies do. This means that once you sign on for this type of policy, you are to pay the same rates until your death, when the coverage expires. Whole quotes offer savings options, which allow the Alameda company pick investments to put your money towards. These policies also accrue cash value over a long period of time.

Alameda universal life insurance quotes offers similar benefits to whole policies, but there are a few major differences. First, universal rates are not fixed. As long as you pay the minimum premium, then you can pay more towards the policy to help maximize the money you could potentially get back in the future. This benefit makes this policy more expensive than whole and term coverage. Also, you can choose the investments associated with Alameda universal policies.

Withholding Alameda Information

Many applicants are tempted to adjust their health information in order to obtain lower Alameda life insurance rates. Although you might be quoted a lower rate at first, the insurance company might issue a health exam order. Thus, you could be caught in a lie and not be approved for the CA policy you desire.

Withholding information on your Alameda life insurance quotes application can also have other consequences later down the line. If you were to die unexpectedly from a health illness, the company might request an autopsy. If the autopsy reveals contradictory information, then your loved ones may be denied the death benefit.

There are certain types of Alameda life insurance quotes that do not require any type of health information, including your weight. Such policies are known to have a "guaranteed issue," but they will also cost more in the long-run. It is better to compare rates on our website first to see if you can get more affordable coverage before resorting to a higher cost policy.

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