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The Worlds Most Eccentric Billionaires

Most of us can only dream of the money that the world’s billionaires throw around on a daily basis. We can imagine ourselves sailing a yacht around the world or sunbathing poolside at our villa in France. Sadly, for many of us, dreams of striking it rich will never become our reality, but for the [...]

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The Downside of Having too Many Credit Cards

There is no official number of credit cards that someone should have in their wallet, but there are many reasons why having too many is a bad financial idea. The average American consumer has three active credit cards, but many have two or three more than that. The right number of credit cards for your [...]

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The Effects of Obamacare on Company Sponsored Insurance

The bulk of the provisions in the widely discussed Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare, will go into effect throughout the country on January 14, 2014. This initiative was developed to help offer affordable health care insurance to everyone living in the United States and to help improve the quality of the health [...]

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4 Reasons Variable Life can be a Great Investment

Variable life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy. The value of it will vary depending on the performance of the fund that it is invested in. It is rather like a mutual fund in this respect but it is only available within a life insurance policy. This means that it is normally only possible [...]

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A Financial “To Do List” for the Newly Engaged Couple

A marriage requires a substantial amount of teamwork, as well as each partner understanding the role they play within the marriage. This combined with dedication, love, and preservation allows for a happy and fulfilling union. It is important to start off right with an engagement, as it is the entrance to a new life. As [...]

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Is it Necessary to Have Income Insurance?

Income insurance is a type of insurance used to protect against your inability to work for any reason.  The payout is usually over the period of time that you are unable to work to supplement your lost income. Income insurance is not the same thing as life insurance as it does not depend on your [...]

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Estate Planning is not Just for the Wealthy

Virtually everyone has an estate, whether they know it or not. An estate is made up of everything you own, including your car, real estate, house, bank accounts, insurance, investments, and possessions. All those things can’t go with you when you pass away so what happens to them? You probably want to be in control [...]

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Taxes That May be Associated with Life Insurance Proceeds

Many people take out life insurance in good faith that when they die all of the funds will pass to their loved ones. However, what many people do not realize is that life insurance can be taxed in some circumstances and so it is possible that the full proceeds will not get passed on but [...]

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14 Things Your Health Insurer Wants to Keep from You

Most people understand that health insurance is a necessary financial tool to help control out of pocket health care costs. What is not always apparent is the intricate ways that health insurance works. Health insurers benefit from consumer ignorance of their practices, so there are things they will not make public. A savvy consumer will [...]

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Proceed with Caution when Considering a Life Settlement

Taking out a life settlement means that you sell your current life insurance to a third-party for more money than its cash surrender is valued at, but less than what its net death benefit is valued. There are several reasons why you may consider doing this. These include no longer needing or wanting your policy, [...]

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