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Risky Jobs that Result in Higher Life Insurance Rates

Not many people know that their occupation has an effect on the cost of their life insurance premium. Although most jobs are not dangerous, a number of them can put peoples’ lives at great risk, which causes their life insurance premiums to spike. The risks associated with a dangerous job could even leave someone unable [...]

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15 Cases of High Profile Murders to Commit Life Insurance Fraud

It’s difficult to know exactly how many people are able to get away with the murder of their spouse, relative, or even stranger for the sake of profiting off of their life insurance. However, there are also many beneficiaries who do not get away with homicide for financial purposes. The difficulty with life insurance is [...]

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7 Steps to Take When your Life Insurance Company Goes Bankrupt

What happens if your Life insurance company goes bankrupt? Many people don’t realize that the state government protects consumers from insurance company failures, and the responsibility of watching the financial wellbeing of insurance companies fall into the hands of the state insurance regulators. If a life insurance company fails and ends up in the hands [...]

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How Life Insurance Health Classification Determines your Rates

The most important aspect of the health classification system used for life insurance is that it affects your premiums. The better your rating, the lower your premium will be. Most life insurance agencies will have between 12 and 15 health classifications that are determined by several factors. Here are the five most common. Preferred Plus [...]

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Accidents and other Unforeseen Events that will Raise your Insurance Rates

Most people purchase their home insurance policy to protect their property from damage, however they don’t realize that liability for accidents taken place on their property can drive up their insurance just as much if not more, as legal liability is extremely costly to home insurance agencies. This is because people can sue for thousands [...]

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The 3 Major Tax Perks of Opening a Health Savings Account (HSA)

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a type of personal savings account that is used to pay for the expenses of health care. The individual, and not an insurance company or employer, controls the money that is in a health savings account. HSAs are a way of controlling the high costs of health care, as the [...]

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Shark Tank “No Deal” Success Stories

It would seem that with all the business and financial experience amongst the six sharks on the popular reality show Shark Tank–a show that features business pitches from entrepreneurs who are looking for an investor–they would be able to sniff out the entrepreneurs who have potential every time. Alas this is not the case, and [...]

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Insurance Options for Funeral Expenses

Planning ahead is important in every facet of your life, especially when it comes to your funeral. It’s hard to imagine what your family would do without you, and how they will cope with your loss. Particularly when your family has to plan a funeral when all they want to do is grieve. By planning [...]

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Tips for Choosing Health Insurance When Traveling Overseas

Many people in the United States don’t realize that they usually will not have their normal health insurance coverage when they go abroad for pleasure or business purposes.  Most private insurance companies, along with Medicaid and Medicare programs, don’t provide coverage for any medical emergency if it occurs overseas. This means that if an emergency [...]

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