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Preventative Measures for Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is fast approaching, and these viruses are ready and waiting to knock down your door to make you sick. If you are looking for different methods for staying healthy this year, you will need to go on the offensive, or you will end up down with one or both of these [...]

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The Adverse Effects Genetic Testing May Have on Life Insurance Rates

Receiving the results of a genetic test can feel like you are opening up a Pandora’s box. You don’t know if you are going to learn something new, useful, and even interesting or find out that you have to deal with the knowledge that you are more than likely going to develop a terminal disease [...]

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Think Twice About Cutting Back on These 5 Expenses in Difficult Financial Times

When the economy starts to go south people look for anyway possible to cut down on their monthly expenses. Although there are many good ways to do this such as not eating out as much or cutting down on some of optional entertainment expenses, there are some monthly expenses that should not be neglected during [...]

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How Cash Value Life Insurance Can Benefit High Income Earners

It’s an unfortunate reality that high-income earners are subject to increased taxes, so much so that many look for tax advantages in order to evade the steep taxes that they are being hit with. One of these tax breaks comes from a cash value life insurance policy, as it can help lower high-income earner’s taxes [...]

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Tips for Getting Life Insurance When You Have a Criminal Record

Despite an individual’s past mistakes and life history, there is always a need for life insurance. Life insurance is a critical aspect of an individual’s financial planning, as it allows individuals to plan ahead for the event of their inevitable demise. By purchasing life insurance, individuals are able to provide for their family and loved [...]

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5 Things College Graduates Need to Budget For

As a college graduate chances are you didn’t save a whole lot of money during your college years, as you had to spend a lot of it on things like tuition, food, and room and board. As a result once you have graduated it can be difficult to understand how crucial it is to save [...]

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Shrink Life Insurance Rates by Reducing your BMI

The body mass index measurement is a calculation of your height in relation to your body weight.  Doctors use this measurement in order to measure fat as well as the health risks that are associated with it. However, it is worthy to note that having a healthy BMI does not necessarily mean that you are [...]

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Caffeine; Can it Actually be Good for You?

Caffeine is the single most widely consumed substance in the World. Unfortunately, caffeine tends to get a bad reputation from people who believe it to be unhealthy. However, the truth is that there are a number of health benefits to consuming caffeine as long as it is done in moderation. It is recommended to drink [...]

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6 Worst Fast Food Breakfasts

For the last fifty years or so Americans have found themselves in a love affair with high fat and calorie fast food, which has taken a toll on millions of Americans’ health and life in general. Fast food restaurants serve up some of the worst-for-you breakfasts on earth, giving diners a dose of too many [...]

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