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Is an Annual Flu Shot Necessary for Healthy Individuals?

As flu season fast approaches, it seems that everywhere you look, you are reminded that it’s time to get your annual flu shot. Getting a flu shot is one of the easiest things to do—all it takes is a trip to your local pharmacy or grocery store. Even businesses are starting to offer them right [...]

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6 Hidden Benefits of Regular Exercise that Will Slow Down Aging

Becoming older is an inevitable reality. As much as you may want to avoid getting old, your body will age no matter what you do. From the day that you are born your body is constantly changing. Everyday thousands of your cells die off and new cells replace them in order for your body to [...]

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The Connection Between Life Insurance and Optimism

Recently, some studies have been conducted to see if people with life insurance policies were innately different than those without. The results, according to the companies in charge of the studies, were quite unexpected. If you have been considering buying yourself life insurance, you may want to find out what connections insurance has to overall [...]

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5 Ways to Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

Keeping you and your family safe from foodborne illnesses is a lot easier than most people believe. It involves taking a few extra steps to prevent anyone from getting sick. Making sure you have the right tools on hand is one of the most important steps when it comes to keeping your food safe for [...]

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Tips to Not Fall Victim to Deceptive Obamacare Scammers

Obamacare health insurance exchanges have begun to take place, which has unfortunately swung the door wide open for scam artists who are looking to defraud US citizens that are eager to purchase health insurance coverage. These scammers attempt to take advantage of new developments in the marketplace as well as new government programs, which is [...]

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E-Cigarettes and Life Insurance Rates

One of the largest trends to hit the smoking community within the last decade is e-cigarettes. These devices are said to be safer than cigarettes, but not everyone agrees with that statement. Life insurance companies have a lot at stake when insuring current and former smokers, so how do they view this new trend? Here [...]

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The Smart Way to Manage Your IRA Account to Avoid Heavy Fees

IRA accounts are set up to help you live the life you are used to when you retire. These accounts are very helpful to retirees, but they can also be filled with large fees if they are not managed correctly. Many people suffer from the high penalties simply because they were unaware of the rules [...]

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Life Insurance Benefits for Special Needs Children

Parents who have a child with special needs should think about insuring themselves in order to provide their child with the care and the financial stability he or she needs in the case that anything happens to them. Remember that financial planning is complicated enough as it is, but with a disabled or special needs [...]

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Tips for Making Charitable Contributions Through Life Insurance

Having a life insurance policy is something everyone needs for a multitude of reasons. Your family needs to be able to cover your final expenses when the time comes, and life insurance often helps with that. For those who want to take some of the life insurance money beyond what your family will need, there [...]

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