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Why your Beneficiary may not get a Payout after you Commit Suicide

A policyholder who is feeling extremely down may be tempted to end his own life in order to leave his family a substantial amount of money from his or her life insurance policy. However, dealing with claiming death benefits after a suicide is a very complicated process. Whether or not an insurance agency will grant [...]

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Estate Planning is not Just for the Wealthy

Virtually everyone has an estate, whether they know it or not. An estate is made up of everything you own, including your car, real estate, house, bank accounts, insurance, investments, and possessions. All those things can’t go with you when you pass away so what happens to them? You probably want to be in control [...]

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How to Afford Life Insurance When You Are a Single Parent

It can be financially and emotionally draining to be your family’s sole supporter. Thinking about securing your children’s financial future may seem overwhelming, but it’s even more worrisome to think about what happens to your children when something happens to you. Many single parents overlook the importance of having life insurance, and believe that when [...]

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Financial Documents Safe

In every household, there are important financial documents that need to be kept in a safe place. If there is ever a disaster, these documents will need to be kept in a place that is easily accessible, but that is not easy for thieves to find them. Such items as tax statements should be retained [...]

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How to Find Unclaimed Life Insurance Policies

According to a recent investigation by Consumer Reports, billions of dollars in unclaimed life insurance policies are waiting to be claimed by the rightful beneficiaries. The average of each unclaimed benefit is $2,000. This is good news for the beneficiaries of these funds, but they have to first become aware of the policies and then [...]

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What Divorce Means to Your Life Insurance Policy

When we get married, we assume that we will live happily ever after. Unfortunately some marriages don’t work out and you end up getting a divorce. You need to know how this will impact your life insurance, especially if you have children. The type of life insurance you have will have an impact on what [...]

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Top 6 Estate Planning Tools

Estate planning is not something that most people enjoy discussing or performing, but it is a necessary step in the life cycle. Without specifying your final health care wishes and what you wish to do with your assets, there is no guarantee that your obligations will be paid in the way you would like them [...]

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Choosing a Beneficiary

Life is full of decisions, big and small. Without a doubt, one of the major choices is deciding on whom to name as a beneficiary to your life insurance policy. The answer may seem obvious to you, “My eldest son, of course, the management accountant who counts every penny.” Trouble is, the obvious choice is often your [...]

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