The Connection Between Life Insurance and Optimism

Recently, some studies have been conducted to see if people with life insurance policies were innately different than those without. The results, according to the companies in charge of the studies, were quite unexpected. If you have been considering buying yourself life insurance, you may want to find out what connections insurance has to overall optimism before buying your policy so you know what type of other perks you can expect after the policy is in place.

The Research Study

Greenwald & Associates recently conducted a study to see what attitudes adults felt when it came to life insurance ownership. The survey was given to adults over the age of 21, and both life insurance policyholders and non-policy holders were given the survey.  In the end, 2,069 people completed this survey.

The Results

As the results came in, the researchers found that those who already owned life insurance policies were generally happier with their current lifestyle and overall much more optimistic. In fact, 42% of the people surveyed that did own life insurance policies were quite happy with the current state of their life. Only 32% of those who did not own a life insurance policy felt the same way. People who owned life insurance policies were more optimistic about what the future held for them and their family, plus they felt more fulfilled with their life overall. Those who had life insurance policies felt an overall higher quality of life compared to those without life insurance policies. The results of this study were quite a bit different than what researchers expected when going into the study, as they were expecting to hear results about how those with life insurance policies added “goodness” into their personal lives. They never expected the answer to be that life insurance already had brought a measure of goodness into their lives.

What This Means for New Life Insurance Policy Holders

Most life insurance policyholders have a feeling of optimism, as they feel more financially prepared for what life has to throw at them. They feel as though this is added protection should the inevitable happen before it’s expected, their family will be able to carry on without them without added financial strain. Everyone knows that their family will struggle to go through life without them when they pass away, but knowing that there won’t be the financial hardship at the same time brings a sense of peace.

Offers Peace of Mind Now and Later

As people age, they tend to try and be more organized and prepared so that life has less confusion. Buying a life insurance policy becomes a natural progression for many people, which helps them feel as though they are setting their family up for the future. Most who buy life insurance policies do not expect to receive a sense of optimism in return, but that seems to be exactly what policyholders are receiving. If you have been considering whether or not now is the time to buy your life insurance policy (or policies), you may want to jump at the chance sooner rather than later. If buying this policy can give you the peace of mind that you are ready for the ups and downs that come with life, plus helps you feel a higher quality of life, the policy may end up being worth far more than the financial stipend that comes when the policy is cashed in. Paying a premium each month is nothing when compared to the benefits that optimism and assurance can give you in return. Don’t wait for these feelings in life, but instead, go after the routes that bring them into your life for you.

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