Tips to Not Fall Victim to Deceptive Obamacare Scammers

Obamacare health insurance exchanges have begun to take place, which has unfortunately swung the door wide open for scam artists who are looking to defraud US citizens that are eager to purchase health insurance coverage. These scammers attempt to take advantage of new developments in the marketplace as well as new government programs, which is exactly what is happening with Obamacare. It is important to be on the lookout for Obamacare scammers so that you do not fall victim to one.

The Obamacare Card That Doesn’t Exist 

The Better Business Bureau has posted a warning to not be tempted to purchase an Obamacare card from someone who is claiming that it is mandatory to have one in order to be eligible for and purchase the Affordable Care Act insurance. The truth is that there is no such card out there. Obamacare scammers who pitch these cards to consumers ask for their Social Security number, personal information, and bank account information.

The Fake Government Employee Call

It is mostly elderly Americans who are being targeted for this scam, so it is a good idea to inform your parents about it in order to ensure they do not fall victim to an Obamacare scammer as well. Older citizens are scammed into giving out their medical information and Social Security number to someone who claims to be a federal government agent who wants to simply confirm their eligibility to obtain Obamacare. If you receive a call like this, you should immediately hang up, and make sure to tell your parents and your grandparents to do the same. Federal agencies will usually contact people by mail not phone or email. Do not accept a phone call from an unsolicited caller who is attempting anything to do with Obamacare, as this is certainly a scam.

Fake Obamacare Navigators

Obamacare has created a breed of advisers who are called the navigators. These workers usually work at such places like local agencies such as United Way and their job is to aid the public in signing up for Obamacare coverage. Scammers have begun emailing and calling people posing as these navigators. These people will claim that they want to help you purchase the right coverage, but then actually steal your identity or try to sell you fake health insurance. Remember to always be very careful with your identity. Be careful to never give out your personal information to anyone who has contacted you unsolicited.

Fake Obamacare Websites

Fake Obamacare insurance exchange websites have been popping up on the Internet lately. For example the “Pennsylvania Health Exchange” is a website that was actually run by a private health insurance broker before regulators shut it down. However, many more like it are starting to appear on the Internet, and so be extremely cautious in making sure that the health exchange website that you are using is legitimate.

Scare Tactics With Medicare

AARP has been receiving complaints recently from elderly citizens who are receiving shocking phone calls to inform them that they are losing their Medicare health coverage unless they provide the caller with their Social Security number and other such extremely personal information.

What Scammers Are After

Scammers are either after personal information such as your bank account information in order to steal money directly from you, or they will attempt to sell you a fake health insurance policy so that you will send them money yourself. Either way you may find your bank account drained, and that someone is using your personal information. It’s is crucial to be very aware of what you are doing when it comes to switching health care plans in order to ensure your safety.

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