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Citrus Heights Life Insurance Quotes - Get Competitive Life Insurance Quotes in Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights Life Insurance Quotes

Citrus Heights life insurance quotes are available for both smokers and non-smokers in California. Unfortunately, smokers will inevitably have higher rates than non-smokers, because they are considered high-risk for CA insurance companies. If you are a smoker, it is also in your best interest to be truthful about your habits, as dishonesty will inevitable make the company deny you and your family any benefits. Still, smokers can and should be insured with life policies in Citrus Heights, California.

Quotes for Smokers

Generally, Citrus Heights life insurance quotes base rates off of a typical healthy adult. Once you fill out your application for California life insurance, you might get a higher rate based off of a number of factors. Your age and medical history can affect the quotes given. One of the most common reasons why a policy holder ends up with an extremely high premium is because of their smoking habits.

Smoking increases your risk of heart disease, lung cancer and cancers of the mouth, as well as other potentially fatal diseases. It's no wonder that a Citrus Heights life insurance company is forced to increase their rates for smokers. Given the fact that smokers usually have shorter life spans than non-smokers, companies can lose out on a lot of money if they give cheaper rates to smokers.

Citrus Heights term life insurance quotes are the most affordable of all types of policies in California, including those for smokers. Term insurance has a specific expiration date, which may be especially to your advantage as a smoker. These types of policies exclusively cover the cost of a funeral and burial. If you have dependants, you may include extra coverage so that your loved ones will have something to live off of in the case of an unexpected death.

Citrus Heights Whole life insurance quotes and Citrus Heights universal life insurance quotes are much more expensive than term quotes, particularly if you are a smoker. Both whole and universal policies offer savings options, where you can accrue money over time and save it for retirement or other life events. The insurance company lets you decide what investments you want to put your money towards if you have a universal policy.

Universal policies don't ever expire, while whole quotes are designed to expire at the age of 100. As a smoker, it may be more difficult to obtain these two policies, given your medical history. In some cases, you may need to stick with a basic Citrus Heights term policy and find another source of interest-accruing investments as part of your savings plan.

Consequences of Misinformation

It is tempting to lie about your smoking history on a Citrus Heights life insurance quotes application. However, the consequences of lying far outweigh any benefits, even if it might save you money in the short-term. Upon your death, the Citrus Heights, CA life quotes company has the right to order an autopsy prior to paying your family the death benefit. If your medical results contradict what you put down in your application, your family will likely be denied any benefits.

Such a scenario is detrimental to families who rely on the death benefit to cover basic funeral costs. Your loved ones may also have difficulties finding money to live on, particularly if you are their primary source of income. Lying on your Citrus Heights life insurance quotes application will only lead to trouble.

Citrus Heights life coverage comparison companies also have ways to determine whether your application is truthful before you are even accepted. Many companies order medial exams through a contracted doctor or nurse practitioner. If you are determined to be a smoker during the exam, the company can either deny you coverage for lying on the application, or offer you a higher rate than originally quoted.

Using other types of tobacco products does not exempt you from higher rates like those given to smokers. Chewing tobacco or using pipes over cigarettes puts you at similar health risks as those who smoke cigarettes. Therefore, it is important to be honest about tobacco use to ensure that you are given the appropriate policy.

Compare Citrus Heights Rates

You may be a non-smoker but have a history of smoking cigarettes or using other types of tobacco products. As a precaution, it is best to disclose this information to the Citrus Heights life insurance quotes company during the initial application process. This will save you time and effort in the long-run.

As a smoker, you should expect a higher rate after you have filled out an application for Citrus Heights life insurance quotes. This does not mean, however, that you will be denied coverage. Since the rate is bound to be hefty, it is important to consider what kind of CA life insurance you need up front before you commence the application process.

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