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Death Investigations with Life Insurance Policies - Explore Death Investigations with Life Insurance Policies

Death Investigations with Life Insurance Policies

If you are the beneficiary of a loved one who has recently died, you might be dealing with a life insurance company to find out how their benefit was meant to be paid out. You can contact their life insurance agent with any questions, and you must contact the appropriate company whenever a loved one dies to find out how soon you can receive a benefit that will help you pay for different things. If you don't contact the company, you won't be able to receive the money that the person had been paying to keep family and loved ones financially secure.

There are some times that a life insurance company will begin to ask some questions about the policyholder. If you are alerted that the life insurance company is doing death investigations, it might take longer to get the death benefits you feel you are owed. Life insurance companies might hire a private investigator in order to get clues about the way a policyholder died, if they feel that there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the death. You may not even know your loved one's death is being investigated.

Reasons for Investigating a Death

The main reason a life insurance company will look at a policy and death annuity payments and require a death investigation is because they think that there is some sort of foul play that the policyholder may have been involved in. This could be anything from claiming someone else's social security number to faking a death in order to receive a benefit from an insurance company. If a life insurance company is looking into the death of a policy holder, it doesn't always mean that they think the policyholder was a crook. Sometimes it is just standard procedure.

A life insurance company can lose money if they are wrongly convinced that someone is dead. If someone has purchased a policy from a life insurance company within 12 or 24 months of their death, it is common for life insurance companies to investigate the death, because the death and the policy are so close together. If you've ever seen a movie about insurance fraud or read The Postman Always Rings Twice, you might understand how crimes occur when people take out a life insurance policy and suddenly die from suspicious causes soon after the fact.

Suspicious Causes

If a life insurance company is trying to find out the true cause of death of a policyholder, it could be helpful for the beneficiary to provide the death certificate signed by the medical examiner. The medical examiner performs an autopsy to determine the cause of death, and if it is health related or a natural cause, there is no need to worry about the benefit of a life insurance policy. On the other hand, if the death is ruled a murder or a homicide, the life insurance company might perform an investigation to make sure that the beneficiary is not a suspect or involved in any way.

If a person dies overseas, this might spark death investigations with life insurance policies. This is not to say that the person was a spy, involved in illegal activity, killed by some sort of foreign agency, or anything else. Life insurance companies just need to cover all of their bases, and when someone dies outside of the United States, a thorough investigation needs to be done to determine the cause of death and the events surrounding it. If you have any questions about a death investigation or you want the life insurance company to do one on a deceased family member, contact their agent.

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